SBC Pledge

State Bank of Countryside first opened its doors for business in a 5,000 square foot storefront location in 1975. Today, 39 years later, the Bank occupies over 51,000 square feet spread over five locations. The bank has in excess of 18,000 customer accounts and more than $600 million in assets.

This success is the outcome of a dedicated group of people committed to delivering outstanding service to the customer. As you get to know our staff, you will be impressed by their experience, their uncommon drive to take better care of you than any other bank, and their deep understanding of the world of banking.

As one of the small and shrinking number of independent banks, we believe people prefer to deal with an organization that is locally owned and organization that can work with you as an individual and respond quickly to your organization that does not have to base decisions on what the home office thinks or on the market valuation of its organization committed to the long-term best interest of its customers.

This philosophy underlies all that we do at State Bank of Countryside. We remain faithful to these principles and beliefs and pledge to strive to maintain the highest standards in the banking industry.