Positive Pay

Positive Pay

As technology advances and becomes more user friendly, criminals are getting better at committing fraud. State Bank of Countryside business customers can now enjoy the protection of Positive Pay, an automated check matching program. It allows you to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur. Positive Pay is one more tool that State Bank of Countryside provides to keep your business accounts safe & secure!

It's easy!


Here's how it works:

When your company issues checks, you upload the check data (i.e. check number, dollar amount, etc.) to State Bank of Countryside's Positive Pay system. When checks are presented for payment, the system quickly identifies checks that are inconsistent with the data you provided. They are labeled as "exceptions" and you are alerted via email. You then login to Business Internet Banking to review the exception, and make a decision on whether you want to pay or return it.

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