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Living Trusts

Have you protected your family? Living Trusts with State Bank of Countryside are one of the best ways to ensure your family is taken care of beyond your lifetime.


A living trust is a revocable legal arrangement created during your lifetime. A living trust may be less vulnerable to legal action than a will and may be designed to provide income for your beneficiaries beyond your lifetime. Upon your death, tax reporting is simplified and probate is avoided. There may even be tax benefits to your heirs. As a living trust may have a long-term effect on your assets, you should seek the advice of a legal professional to help you decide if this is best for you and your family. Your attorney can then help you create a living trust that is customized to meet your exact needs.

Once your trust is created, bring in the original copy to any SBC office and we will be happy to transfer your assets into the trust. If you have made any changes to your existing trust, a copy of those changes should be brought to the Bank so that we are following your most recent instructions.

Contact one of our specialists if you have any questions or want to make sure your Living Trust is up to date.