Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Why run to the bank all the time when you can manage your account online from anywhere? Your SBC accounts are available to you anytime via our securely encrypted website, so you can check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and so much more—all with the click of a mouse button. Once you've tried it, you'll never be able to go back to traditional banking.

Experience the convenience, freedom, and control of Internet Banking.

  • Free
  • Check your balances
  • Transfer funds electronically between SBC accounts
  • Review your transaction history and other account information
  • Verify if a check has been paid
  • Communicate with the bank through a secure channel
  • Place a stop payment* on any check written
  • Download info to personal finance software programs

*Stop payment fee will apply.

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Why use SBC Internet Banking?

Millions of people worldwide are choosing the convenience, freedom and control of online banking. It's the kind of service you don't know you need until you've tried it. Among the foremost benefits include 24x7x365 access, which allows you to bank at your convenience, not ours. Also, you can bank from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Finally, you can transfer funds, pay bills and reconcile accounts with the click of a mouse button. It's simply a better, smarter, faster way to manage your money and your time.

What can I do with SBC Internet Banking?

State Bank of Countryside's online banking service allows you to:

  • Check your balances
  • Transfer funds electronically between SBC accounts
  • Review your transaction history and other account information
  • Verify if a check has been paid
  • Communicate with the Bank through our Online Chat feature
  • Place a stop payment on a check you wrote from your SBC checkbook. Stop payment for payments made via SBC Billpay must be called in to (800) 439-1467, option 2.
  • Download information to a personal finance software program such as Quicken®.
  • Enroll for SBC Billpay to pay your bills online

Can I see a demonstration before signing up?

Yes. Click here and select "Personal Internet Banking Demo" from the left menu. This will bring you to our SBC Internet Banking Demo.

Is there a charge for SBC Internet Banking?

No, SBC Internet Banking is a free service.

How do I self-enroll?

In order to self-enroll for SBC Internet Banking, you must have a State Bank of Countryside checking or savings account and a computer with Internet access. Go to and click on "Sign Up" on the left menu under Personal Internet Banking. This will bring you to the enrollment screen. Once the self-enrollment is successful you will have immediate access to your accounts.

When can I start using SBC Internet Banking?

Immediately upon a successful enrollment.

What are the hours for SBC Internet Banking?

SBC Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Can I transfer between all of my accounts?

Account TypeTransfers FromTransfer To
Statement SavingsYes*Yes
Money MarketYes*Yes
Certificates of DepositNoNo
SBC LoansNoNo

*Special rules apply for money market and savings account withdrawals. You may make up to 6 electronic debits/transfers from these accounts per month. These transfers include pre-authorized debits (i.e. an ACH to pay your phone bill), telephone transfers, or Internet Banking transfers.

In accordance with Federal Regulations, no more than six pre-authorized, automatic or telephone transfers or withdrawals (including online banking) are permitted from a money market or savings account in a statement cycle. A charge may be assessed for each transfer or withdrawal that exceeds these restrictions in accordance with our Account disclosures. We may change your account to a demand deposit account if you continue to exceed these limitations.

When is the money I transfer credited to my account and available to me?

When you make a transfer using SBC Internet Banking, that transfer is credited to your account and available to you immediately.

Can I set up repeating transfers?

Yes. Repeating transfers, are those that are made on a regular basis such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. To set transfers, hover your mouse over the "Transfers" tab at the top and then click on "New Scheduled Transfer" from the drop down menu. You may then select to set up a one-time transfer or a repeating transfer. Complete all necessary information on the screen including the date of the transfer, frequency of the transfer, and the amount. Additional information can be found in our online help screens.

What happens when there are insufficient funds to make a transfer?

The transfer will fail, you must have sufficient available funds in your account to complete any transfer.

How do I download my account information to a personal finance program?

You must be in SBC Internet Banking to download information. Click on the "Accounts" button and then hover your mouse over the "Transactions" tab. Click on "Export Transactions" from the drop down menu. You will then select the account you wish to download, specify the date range and then choose the download method.

Bill Payments

What is SBC Billpay?

SBC Billpay is an optional service available through SBC Internet Banking. This service allows you to pay your bills electronically through SBC Internet Banking. You can set up one time payments or recurring bill payments. No longer will you have to spend the time to write checks and deliver them to the post office. After setting up your payees with your first payment, additional payments are as easy as clicking on your payee, entering the amount you would like to pay, and clicking "OK".

Is there a charge for SBC Billpay?

No, there is no charge for SBC Billpay.

How do I apply for SBC Billpay?

To apply for SBC Billpay you have two options. You may apply at the same time you enroll in SBC Internet Banking. Or, if you are currently enrolled in SBC Internet Banking, you may apply at any time by selecting "Bill Payment" from the top menu.

How do I start paying my bills?

First, you must set up your payees. From the Bill Payments menu select "Payment Center" and then follow the instructions to add a company or person to pay. Once your payees are set up, you may begin paying bills.

From the Bill Payments menu select "Make a Payment". Choose to either pay one bill or to pay multiple bills at once. Select the bills you wish to pay, enter the amount of the bill and the date you would like it to be paid and click the "OK" button to send your payment. A confirmation of your payment will be displayed.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay any person or entity with an address in the United States. However, you cannot use SBC Billpay to make payments to the Government or court ordered payments.

Is there a limit to the number of payments I can make?

No. You can make as many payments as you want using SBC Billpay.

How are payments sent?

We will always try to send it electronically, however not all payees have the capability to accept electronic payments. Those payees will be sent a check.

What happens if there are insufficient funds to make a payment?

The payment is returned, overdraft fees will apply and your SBC Billpay privileges will be temporarily suspended. If there are not sufficient funds in your Account to cover these fees and charges, we may charge or off set these fees and charges against all of the funds in any Account in which you have an interest. Please see your Account disclosures for other charges that may apply to your accounts.

If I enroll for SBC Billpay but don't use it will I be charged?

No, there is no charge for SBC Billpay. However, if you do not log into SBC Internet Banking for a 180 day period, your service will be discontinued and you will need to re-enroll in both SBC Internet Banking and SBC Billpay. If you would like to cancel the bill payment feature of SBC Internet Banking, you can call us at 708-485-3100 and we will cancel it for you.

When does the payee receive payment when I utilize Bill Pay?

If the payee accepts electronic payments, then it will typically take three business days to process your payment. Payments made by check typically take five business days to process.


How do I know that online banking is secure?

Our online services lead the industry with advanced security measures. We have a secure log-in and user authentication. State Bank of Countryside uses a technology called Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to scramble the information that you send us. This technology protects the information you submit or receive through SBC Internet Banking.

Firewalls are also used to limit entry by anyone without proper authorization. A firewall is a security device that regulates the information transferred in and out of a network. The firewall is designed to make sure that communications only occur between approved individuals.

Configuration Requirements


  • Apple Safari 4.0
  • Apple Safari 5.0
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0
  • Microsoft IE 8.0
  • Microsoft IE 9.0
  • Opera

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 - 32 bit - All editions

Note: The State Bank of Countryside Internet Banking Product takes advantage of the use of cookies. All testing is performed using browser settings that allow for the use of cookies, i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0 Privacy settings of "medium" and "medium high". For the Netscape browser, SBC Internet Banking requires the use of the default settings for "enable all cookies" and "Accept all images" to operate optimally.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about SBC Internet Banking or SBC Billpay, help can be found by clicking the Help button on SBC Internet Banking. You may also visit any of our branch locations, or contact us at 708-485-3100